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My Experience Talking at JConf Colombia

Ever since I joined the team at Vaadin I had wanted to showcase our technologies at a local conference in my home country, Colombia. This year, the organizers of JConf Colombia 2019 invited me over to give not one but two talks during the event. It was good timing–the conference took place around the summer vacation time I had already planned to have in Colombia (I'm based in Finland). So, I packed my suitcase with the usual essentials, plenty of Finnish treats (read, salmiakki) and a bunch of Vaadin stickers and T-shirts. Unfortunately, this swags didn't make it to Medellín (where the conference took place) since I know quite some people in the IT industry in Bogotá, where I initially landed in Colombia. Vaadin T-shirts are super popular! So, blame my IT colleagues in Bogotá if you didn't get one at the conference. Kidding. It was bad planning from my side, sorry. Catch me at the next conference I'll get you one. I headed to Medellín two days before the con

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