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Copy & Paste Based Development

This is about Mr., W. J. a nice and friendly developer working for an IT company in a cosmopolitan city. He was in charge of five other developers. I was one of them.

It was probably my second day in the company, and he assigned a programming task to me. I was working on it, trying to figure out what the heck was that software I was going to help maintaining for the next months all about. Then, Mr. W. J. wanted to borrow my brain for a second. I wasn't using it, so I lent it. "Do you think this is a good implementation?" Mr. W. J. puzzled asked while looking at the screen, then to my face, back to the screen, then to the infinite. "Ummm... I'd say..." I managed to merely bubble when he interrupted. "I think I can also do this..." he said and immediately started to select a whole class with a hundred lines of code or more. He copied the code. He pasted the code. He pasted it in an empty file, slightly changed the name of the class, and made some m…