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Learning Microservices with a Practical Example

Although this example application is simplistic and no one should ever use microservices to implement an application like this one, it shows you how it feels to run this kind of applications and how to implement it using Spring Cloud.

If you only want to play around with a microservices application, follow this tutorial. If you want to code the full app using Java, Eureka, Spring Cloud Config, Spring Data Rest, Hystrix, Zuul, Spring Session, and Vaadin, follow the complete 9 steps tutorial.

You'd end up with several terminals where each terminal is running a specific service:

In real-world projects, you most likely wouldn't start microservices like this. You would probably use an orchestration tool such as Docker Swarm or Kubernetes. There's a Git branch in the repository for this example application that contains Docker files you could experiment with to learn more about how to deploy microservices in production environments.

In the following sections, I describe some gui…